About Us

Hello, I am Harley Briggs, a 37-year-old Australian ice hockey fan and I am the founder of The Australian Ice Hockey League Magazine. Throughout my life, I have always had a good time with ice hockey, whether playing, watching, or even betting on it, it is simply my favourite hobby.

The decision to create a related magazine came when I was having fun at a sports bar where I could bet with my mates. I realized I was better than most, at predicting the outcomes of the games, the quality of each team’s performance, and just the overall development of the event.

Some guys started saying I should have my advice column or something of the sort and we all laughed it off, but the next day I had made up my mind to create a magazine. I approached three hockey-loving friends to ask them for help with the writing of entertaining and useful articles and then we were ready to go.

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We wanted to build a magazine that all hockey lovers could appreciate as a space to read about stats and news in the ice hockey world, without sponsored nonsense. Our reviews aren’t biased and all we use is our expertise and our passion for the sport, to provide analysis and useful information. When you go through our magazine, be sure to check out each of our different categories, to take full advantage of all the content we share. Keep in mind that we are open to suggestions and are more than happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the magazine or the sport itself.