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Digital marketing campaigns are crucial for the success of anything you want to promote, for awareness posts, to your services, products or brands. If you want to get yourself out there, be noticed by the millions that read our magazine daily, we have a deal for you.

Our standard advertisement option covers a banner in all our articles within the category of your choice, but we can also reach customized agreements. Although it gets a bit more specific, you can choose what spaces on our magazine’s site you will want your advertisement to be displayed and we will establish a fitting fee.

If you have videos or other kinds of advertising material like articles and such, we can also discuss this and find an appropriate place to display it, where it fits your needs and ours. Moreover, if you require us to mention you or review your business, our team is ready to do this, if it is related to hockey.

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For those of you that can see the advantages in this great opportunity we offer, starting the process is quick and easy. You just send us an email with the subject “advertise” and you will receive an automated response with a link to our advertisement Google form. Once you fill in what type of advertisement you want to purchase and what payment method you want to use, you click send and within 48 hours, one of us will get back to you. Get started today, don’t hesitate.